Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Can it be September already?

I know... I know... people always say "time flies" but seriously where did August go 'cause I think I missed it!? Maybe what has thrown me off is the unusually cool summer we have been having. I feel like I am still waiting for summer to arrive.
This past weekend I finally headed over to HB. The day began overcast and cloudy but by the time we made it out to Sea Bridge Park it was sunny and nice. Rick and Rebecca invited me for a fun picnic with some of their friends. What a beautiful day to just relax in a hammock and nap as long as I wanted... mmmmmm! I love sunny days!Mom's back in town after a nice summer visit to PA. Grace, Jon, Sara and I took her out to Lizzaran on Sunday evening to celebrate her birthday. Paella, tapas and incredibly delicious flan. Yum!
I've been spending my evenings picking avocados and figs from the backyard. It is really a bountiful crop this year. I made a batch of fig jelly earlier in the week and last night I made about three quarts of guacamole from the avocados that were ripe.

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