Thursday, September 23, 2010

LA County Fair

I can't believe another week has almost gone by and I have been meaning to get a post up about last weekend's trip to the LA County Fair.
It was a really fun afternoon/evening with Michael, Abby, Kate, Savannah, Jeri, Chrystal & Paul. I have never been to the LA fair and so I wasn't sure what to expect. What I didn't expect was how huge it was! You can literally walk for miles!
I think Kate was the most excited of us all to be there. She would point to the Ferris wheel, and the airplane flying overhead, and the giant horses, and the piggies, and the chickens, and the cows... but she really didn't care for the trains or the train whistle. I think it startled her.
I on the other hand I was happy as a clam to cuddle up with Savannah for the entire time. It was great!
How many things can you fry? And who comes up with this? Well, I passed on the fried stuff but indulged on some outstanding handcrafted real ice cream... YUM!

After meandering around the big red barn and all the farm animals we headed over to see the Peking acrobats.

From skates and hoops to twelve or more people balancing on a bike they were pretty amazing. It was almost 10 pm by the time we left and we all wished we had a comfy stroller like Kate to crash in. Sweet dreams!

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