Sunday, July 29, 2012

Testing... testing...

This is the "test cake" I made for my friend Michelle's wedding which is coming up in a few weeks.  What better way to test the cake than by making one this weekend for her bridal shower.

Since she wanted Chocolate Cake I looked for recipes and ended up using The Pioneer Woman's Big Chocolate Birthday Cake recipe which has quickly become my new favorite.

You don't even need a mixer to make it!

That's right!

No mixer required!

I made three layers, cooled them and then covered them with a basic buttercream icing that I Am Baker recommended.  I also added raspberry extract to the icing for a little flavor.

I wanted to do something different than the fondant cakes I've decorated in the past.  I had come across the Rose Cake from I am Baker a few months ago, loved the look of it, and really wanted to try my hand at it.

And here is my first attempt at it...

I think Michelle likes it!

I'm pleased by the results too!

I learned a few things and now I think I'm ready to make the one for the big day!  Can't wait!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

30 days of J's in June {A list of daily observations about my June}

  • June 1- Jacarandas. June is the month where jacaranda trees are in full bloom and covered in fluffy beautiful lavender dresses. 
  • June 2 - Jubilee. This weekend the Queen of England is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee. 
  • June 3 - Joy. Is what was on the faces of K & S when I picked them up at the airport today! I missed you girls! 
  • June 4 - Jarring (or Jackhammer). The dictionary defines it this way "Jar - to produce a harsh, grating sound; sound discordantly. To vibrate or shake." This is what we have been hearing in my office all day as they remodel the downstairs floor of the building. 
  • June 5 - Job. I am right in the middle of reading the book of Job today as he ponders the brevity of life (Ch 14). 
  • June 6 - Java. Part of the enjoyment of getting my java every morning at the same coffee shop is having the barista know exactly what I want without having to tell them. 
  • June 7 - Jim. Jim forgot to bring the jars today. 
  • June 8 - Jamboree. Jamboree was the exit I took today to get to Irvine Ranch Historic Park. 

    • June 9 - June. On this day in June fifty years ago Mom and Dad got married. 
    • June 10 - Junk Food. Is what I crave sometimes (well, a lot of times!) 
    • June 11 - Jogging. I want to do (jog) a 5K in October with some friends from work. Time to plan! 
    • June 12 - Juggle. Trying to juggle everything I have to do this week...eek! 
    • June 13 - Jolt. Apparently what everyone but me felt a little while ago. I was driving at the time so I totally missed it. 
    • June 14 - Jars. I made guac & salsa and filled some jars full 
    • June15 - Jail. Is where the man with a gun south of campus today will most likely end up. 
    • June 16 - Joints. My joints (knees) ached after painting for 5 hours today. 
    • June 17 - Jesus. My heavenly father when my earthly father is no longer here. 
    • June 18 - Joker. Watched the Batman movie with the creepy joker in it tonight. 
    • June 19 - Jammies. What I'll be wearing after my massage tonight... mmmm! 
    • June 20 - Jazzed. I am so jazzed that today is the first day of summer! 
    • June 21 - July. My birthday is one month from today. I'm in denial! 
    • June 22 - Jaunt. I took a jaunt (or two) around the park with Titus this afternoon. 
    • June 23 - Jangled. Jangled nerves after waking up to Duncan's incessant loud barking! 
    • June 24 - Joined. Joined my Grace Group poolside for a BBQ. 
    • June 25 - Joke. Corny joke posted by Brian for western themed Adventure Week: What kind of horses go out after dark? Nightmares. 
    • June 26 - Juicy. Juicy slices of watermelon is what I served to everyone today in the food line at Adventure Week. 
    • June 27 - Jennifer. My therapist. Going to miss our weekly meetings. 
    • June 28 - Jo. Going to see her today and get my hair done. 
    • June 29 - Junk drawer. We all have one. I need to clean/organize mine... maybe this weekend =) 
    • June 30 - Jane. Listened to several chapters of Jane Eyre while on the road this weekend to and from Imperial.