Saturday, September 03, 2011

It's hard to believe that I started this blog five years ago on September 6, 2006. It really doesn't seem that long ago! Through the years I found it to be a great place where I could share thoughts, memories and photos with family and friends near and far.

This summer I took a brief hiatus from posting and spent lots of time enjoying family, friends and the great outdoors. So as summer comes to an end I am ready to get back into the groove.

My Summer

warm sand
excited kids splashing in the waves

Trips to the city
exploring monuments of concrete and steel

Serene countryside
snugly, fluffy kittens to hold

Two birthdays and a wedding
family, food, friends
spending many wonderful hours together

Walks in the park, sharing summer bounty
in colors of red, green, purple

Summer has come and is almost gone
warm memories will stay forever.