Friday, November 01, 2013

A Thankful Tablecloth {DIY}

Happy November!  Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but there is still time to make this great personalized Thanksgiving tablecloth.  Here are the easy-to-follow directions to make your own!

It is inexpensive and requires no sewing!  And if you are brave enough you could even get the whole family to help you put it together.

I came across this great idea 2 years ago on Blue Cricket Design's blog.

What you need:
  1. One fabric drop cloth (I bought mine from Lowe's) It already comes hemmed so no sewing is required!
  2. Several permanent ink markers (different sizes)  I used large and medium Sharpies 
  3. A can of scotch guard
  4. A "thankful" list
Ask your family members to put together a list of things they are thankful for (as long or short as you'd like).  Iron the drop cloth to get all the wrinkles out.  Lay the drop cloth on the floor.  Armed with your "thankful" list and sharpies start writing on the cloth.  Begin writing on the cloth using different sizes of letters, fonts, and styles.

Trust me this is the fun part!  


Keep moving around the perimeter of the cloth keeping in mind people will be reading this while seated at your table. After you are all done filling in the cloth with all the words on your list spray it with scotch guard to help with cleaning in case of any spills.

Enjoy making memories!  This will be a unique, one of a kind, personalized family keepsake you can use again and again every year.