Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall in Summer's Clothing

So after going through the whole summer which was unusually cool and mild Fall arrived disguised in Summer's clothing! We have been getting such warm temperatures that it's hard to believe it is almost October. Sunday was quite warm so Grace, Jon and I headed to the beach to "cool off". It was beautiful and I loved basking in the sun all afternoon!
Monday surprised us all by arriving with record breaking heat. It got all the way up to 111 degrees in La Mirada! I don't ever remember it being that hot since I've lived here. Quite strange. Regardless, I still went for my daily walk in the park although not too many others braved it.

Each day has gotten a little bit cooler. Yesterday I enjoyed a perfect evening at the Angels game with Charlotte & Bill. I even got to see a home run (with fireworks) and the Angels won 4-2. The last time I went to an Angels game was in 1986 when I was a new transfer student at Biola way back in the day! That's right, back in the dark ages when we didn't have cell phones or the internet! Oh how times have changed...
Today the cool down continued with a beautiful afternoon display of monsoon clouds, rainbows, and gorgeous sunset. I love sunsets! Hopefully the weather will continue to improve and it will finally feel like Fall.

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