Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All tuckered out!

Abby, Kate and Savannah dropped by the office today for a visit. We had a blast tossing a ball, singing the alphabet song, seeing her pucker up after eating a bite of burrito with salsa on it and getting lots of hugs. I told Abby she could market the sweet Kate hugs. They are the perfect stress reliever!

Abby sent me an email this afternoon that said:

"Where can a one year old go to have a good time??? There are 3 places that I can think of... the pool, the beach, and seeing her aunties at the Registrar. Thanks for playing with Kate today, she had a blast!!!"

Here is Kate all tuckered out after the fun play date with her Registrar Aunties!

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michael and abby said...

ok that is cute!...
oh, I guess I am a little biased!