Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pizzeria Ortica for Dinner

Last night Sara, Grace, Jon and I went to Pizzeria Ortica in Costa Mesa to celebrate Grace's birthday. Chris and Adam joined us too.

The food was amazing! We started with charcoal grilled lamb skewers, prosciutto e melone and a salad of radicchio, arugula, endive, apple & Gorgonzola cheese. Then we followed that with a delicious zucchini flower soup. Then it was time for pizzas! We had a pizza Margherita with Parma ham and wild arugula, pizza Margherita with spicy salami and mushrooms and last but not least pizza Milanesa with fontina cheese, asparagus and a fried egg. They were all very tasty and the crust was as good as I remember it being in Italy!

It was nice to catch up with Adam who will be leaving on Monday leading a semester study tour around the world. Jon and Chris entertained us with stories from their office and Sara, Grace and I did a little catching up too. For her birthday dessert they brought Grace some chocolate and hazelnut gelato (with a birthday candle and all!) We also ordered babà al rhum - a rum-soaked brioche and budino di cioccolato - a chocolate crème layered with caramel. All the desserts were over the top! Happy Birthday Grace!

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