Friday, November 05, 2010

The Prado and Botanical Gardens

It's 1:20 AM and we just got back to the hotel from another full day in and around Madrid.
Believe it or not we went to a restaurant tonight at 9:00PM and we were the first customers of the evening. By the time we left almost at midnight after a delicious meal of traditional iberian cured ham, wild boar and venison the place was full of regulars. Yes, people were sitting down to dinner at 11:00PM!

This morning we visited the tapestry factory and got to see how they make them. It is a very intricate process and takes a year to complete one all done by hand. The aproximate cost per meter is 12,000 Euros! We took a quick walk through a famous cemetery and then we were off to El Prado Museum. I think if you had a week yyou wouldn't be able to see all the paintings there. After a few hours there we had lunch at a vegetarian restaurant to catch a bite to eat and rest our feet for a bit! We've been averaging about 10-12 miles a day... that makes for some sore tired feet! After lunch we headed over to the botanical gardens for a liesurely walk among all the trees that are changing colors.
In the evening after resting a couple hours we headed out to dinner at Savador's Restaurant (as seen in No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain. It's so interesting to see how many people are out and about the city taking leisurely walks after their late, late dinner. Tomorrow we have a lot more planned so I better get some's 1:30 AM. Buenas Noches!

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