Saturday, November 06, 2010

Picasso, Tapas & Some Local Culture

Today we walked almost 13 miles, saw two museums, had a picnic at the royal park, came home for a two hour nap and did a tapas crawl for dinner! No wonder my feet are a little sore! First we explored the Reina Sofia Museum of Modern Art for a couple hours. Saw quite a few Picasso and Dali works including the famous Guernica. After that we picked up some food for a picnic and enjoyed that at the Royal Park. It was a clear, sunny beautiful day for a picnic in the park. On our way back we spent a few hours at the Thierry Museum which has quite a collection of impressionist art. There were Monets, Reniors, Manets, Van Goghs and many many more great impressionist paintings.
Back at the hotel we rested and napped for a couple hours then around 9 PM went out and did a Tapas Crawl for dinner. We started at La Casa del Abuelo (Grandpa's House), then went on to La Oreja de Oro (The Golden Ear), and finally ended up at Los Chanquetes. The food was absolutely delicious! From sizzling shrimp and prawns to chorizo and stuffed mushroom to Iberian ham, Manchego cheese and sauteed Bacalao (Cod). At the last place which was all local and no tourists we made friends with Mariano. He entertained us with his pleasant and funny interactions with Jose the waiter. He also gave us some inside tips on local places to visit. It was a good time to share with a local Madrileno. Click here to see more pics!

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