Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Adios Madrid

Yesterday we took the train to Toledo and spent the entire day exploring this ancient city. There are ruins dating back to the Romans. With it's narrow winding streets and alley ways it almost takes you back in time. Click Here To See All The Pics!

We met up with a local guide, Margarita who took us around and gave us the history of the city. Toledo has Jewish, Christian and Muslim history intertwined into the fabric of their history. I really like this city! Here we are at a little place where legend has it if you leave a hair pin here you will find an excellent boyfriend! The little old lady was explaining the legend to us...maybe it will work?
Today was our final day in Madrid so we tried to make the most of it. The palace was closed because it was a religious holiday, a special day celebrating the Virgin Mary and patron of Madrid. The Plaza Mayor was cordoned off and we caught the beginning of the procession that ended in the main square where they were holding an open air mass. Next we went to the archeological museum and saw exhibits from prehistoric bones to Egyptian mummies to Roman scarophagi. It was quite interesting and it was Abby's first time seeing a real mummy! In the afternoon we had lunch at La Cabrera which by far had the best food I've tasted yet in Spain. It was wonderful and we even got to chat a bit with the Master Chef Benjamin who made our food to order. The dessert he created was amazing! It was a great way to end a wonderful visit in this beautiful city. Tomorrow morning we are flying back to Paris. Until then... Adios Madrid!

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