Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cookies, ants, rain & snow, what a combination!
Yesterday we had our annual cookie exchange with some of the ladies at work. I made Italian Chocolate Spice Cookies. It was a relaxing lunch amidst the busyness of the season. We enjoyed chatting together and looking out the window at the relentless rain. When I got home that night I was in for a surprise. With all the rain (several inches since Monday) millions of ants decided they like the warm and dry inside of my house much better than the cold, wet outdoors! Grace and Jon had dropped by to help set up my Christmas tree so they assisted in the extermination. Ahhhh! I think I got them all but it wasn't easy. On a more cheery note, this morning we were surrounded on all sides by white snowy mountains (a rare sight here in Southern CA!). Snow levels were down to 2000 ft and the air was a crisp 40 degrees when I left for work. Brrrrr! Finally it feels like winter =) This was the view from my dining room window this morning:

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