Friday, May 24, 2013

DIY Easy Banner

The other day a friend at work asked me to make a "Thanks" banner for a last minute employee appreciation break.  I didn't have too much to work with except what I could find on hand here at the office.  So I gathered some blank pieces of paper and here is how it turned out...

I used regular 8x11 printer paper.  Four blue, three green and six white.

Print individual letters on each white piece and cut into triangles with a paper cutter.  Fold the blue and green pieces like an accordion beginning with the shorter side of the paper.

Use a hold punch to perforate the "fan" at one end.

Then thread a string or thin ribbon through each "fan" and each letter spacing them out evenly.

Flare out the bottom end of the "fan" and hang it up!

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gresu said...

this is so awesome! easy to put together with office supplies