Monday, July 26, 2010

Birthday Celebrations All Week Long!
I do kind of hate celebrating birthdays since turning forty but this year I decided to go with the flow and embrace all of the birthday celebrations that my family & friends threw for me. And a week full of celebrations it was! Some of the girls at the office turned my cubicle into the Grand Canal in Venice! With Rialto Bridge above me and a dashing gondolier standing ready to serenade me =) "Ah, Venice!"
A big group of us went out for lunch on Monday to celebrate all of the July birthdays (Ken, Chrystal and me) in our office. Since I love Italian food I picked Portofino's in Whittier. The food was good but the company was even better. I am really blessed to work with such a wonderful group of people! The food was good and the tiramisu was delicious.
On my actual birthday on Wednesday Megan and I slipped out from work a little early, met up with Grace and went shopping at Roadkill one of my favorite little stores in Fullerton. We had fun! Later we met up for dinner with Jon, Chris, Jason and Sara at Lirzarran's. Spanish tapas, paella and other delicacies were the fare of the evening. It just was a little taste to get us in the mood to experience the real thing this fall. Can wait!
We topped it all off with some delicious desserts... yeah, on my birthday week I decided not to count points or calories!
The celebration continued on Friday when I drove over to AZ for a fun evening with lots of food, wine & cheese at Donna & Greg's. They had invited some friends over and we had a great evening talking, laughing and eating together.

After taking Alyssa to her ballet class and doing a little shopping together on Saturday I was back on the road to see Timothy & the kids. Christine surprised me by making homemade ravioli (from a recipe we got at the farm in Tuscany) and a delicious made-from-scratch apple strudel. She did a great job! I'm so proud of her. They all are growing up so fast!
Sunday I made blueberry banana pancakes for breakfast and then we were off to church (It was 102 degrees at 10:45 a.m.). After church we took the kids to La Hacienda for lunch. Mmmm...such good food that brings back a lot of memories! Like always these times come to a close way too soon. Driving home was no fun. There was so much traffic it took almost twice as long to get home but it was all worth it!

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jeric2003 said...

Glad you were able to embrace the fun of your birthday this year!