Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Celebrating Megan's Birthday & Cinco de Bocce

We combined the Cinco de Mayo lunch with the Bocce Awards. As always there was tons of food and about fifty people attended. I made Pioneer Woman's "Restaurant Style Salsa" with my new food processor (which I love!) Yes, I've been wanting one for a while and finally broke down and got one. Hmm... what can I make with it next?! During the lunch I spent some time with cute little Kate. She is getting so big and is quite smart. We practiced colors as she used my finger to point to each one. She also had a grand time playing with the sombrero.

The adults also joined the fun. Here we are, the Registrar Senoras and Senorita posing with our flowers!

And big moustaches abounded!

Back at the office a lot of us wore polka dots today (Megan loves polka dots) to celebrate her birthday.

Even "Reggie" got into the polka dots! It was a fun day.

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Laura said...

That is one extremely polka dotty picture, I must say. :-)