Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter weekend in Yuma

I had Good Friday off so I was able to get on the road bright and early. The drive was nice and really didn't hit any traffic on the way down. Stopped in El Centro for lunch and to pick Mom up. It is always so fun to be able to see Alyssa & Josh and spend time with them. Auntie Ruth had promised to make cookies with them so I arrived cookie dough in hand ready to roll! We all had a fun time rolling them out and picking from all the different shapes of cookie cutters. Later that evening Donna took the kids to their ballet rehearsal and I went to the Good Friday service at their church. Saturday morning was a nice warm sunny day. I had made plans to go target shooting in the desert with Frank. It was so fun! I didn't do too bad thanks to my awesome instructor. It's great when you get to learn from the best... "the few, the proud..." Came home that afternoon and decorated the cookies with the kids. I really love decorating them much more than baking them! The kids did great and were very creative with their designs. Now they were all ready and decorated for Easter lunch. After the service we all came home to make lunch and get things ready. We did a Mexican themed lunch rather than the traditional Easter dinner. It was delicious and we got to enjoy the great weather outdoors. Soon the kids were ready for the Easter egg hunt. So we sent them inside while we hid all of the eggs. We all had a fun time together! It was time to go much too soon. I finally got on the road right after the sun set. After dropping Mom off in El Centro I was on the long road home. It was a wonderful weekend! You can see all the pictures here:

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