Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Time stops for no man... or woman or baby for that matter! Wasn't is just yesterday when I was cuddling little Titus the day he made his debut to the world? Now look at him! Four months later this cutie has grown into a happy, big, 20 lb boy. It feels like I get a good biceps workout every time his mommy brings him over for a visit.Time seem like it is just getting away from me lately. I haven't has enough time in my day to get everything done that I've wanted to. I just realized there are quite a few things in the last month I haven't even had time to blog about. That being said I am trying to make the most of everyday.

Spending time with family and friends has become a big priority in my life

Spending time with friends at work

Spending time with new friends in the park after work

Spending time with church friends

Spending time with family

I feel very blessed to have the time right now to enjoy it as much as possible. So here's a little bit of a recap of the past three weeks or so... The week before Easter if baked and decorated a bunch of cookies for family and friends. I'll try and post the recipe soon! Can I just say I love decorating these type of cookies!

Easter weekend got together with family to celebrate my beautiful niece's 17th birthday. Speaking of time... When did she get to be that grown up?

Then it was a quick trip back home to celebrate Easter Sunday at church and spend some time with some dear friends later that day. We enjoyed a delicious brunch followed by some fun games of croquet and bocce. Shhhhh... don't tell anyone but I came from behind and beat the boys at croquet!

Here's Mom and baby Savannah

Enjoying a game of bocce after brunch.

Then Mom and G were off to Italy for two weeks. Yes, I tried to contain my jealousy and be happy for them! I am so happy Mom got to go and I can't wait to hear all about her adventures when I pick her up at the airport tomorrow.

Don't forget to make the most of your time and every precious hour and minute in each day!

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