Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

This year Mom got to spend Mother's Day in Italy with my sister Grace. I can't wait to hear all about her adventures and what she thought about seeing all the places I love when she arrives back home later this week. As I was thinking about her today I can only feel that I have been very blessed with a wonderful and godly mom. No, she is not perfect but she has been a wonderful example of a wife and mother. So here's to you! Fell in love and followed dad to a place that was strange and foreign...Raised a whole handful of kids and still managed to always look stylish... Taught me how to read...Got that nasty bug out of my eye...You always had a heart that was humble, willing to serve, and thinking of others needs before your own. For these things and many, many more...I love you Mom!

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michael and abby said...

I LOVED THE OLDER PICS!! What a treasure and a sweet post. You are right, you have a great mother...such a priveledge to know her!!

Can't wait to hear about that trip!

Ruth, also, thanks so much for doing our dishes the other night! That was a blessing..and also for watching the kids of course!!

By the way, the patio table is still crooked! Ha ha!!