Sunday, March 27, 2011

Short Trip To Seattle (or my unplanned version of Sleepless in Seattle)

A few weeks ago I flew to Seattle for a work conference. My coworker and I got there a day early hoping to get in a little bit of sightseeing before the conference began Sunday night.
Our hotel was close enough to walk to Pike Place and wander around all of the market area. It was very interesting to see all the different kinds of things for sale at these stalls. Cheesemakers, bakeries, flowers and lots of seafood. We even got to see them "throw the fish" at the market. One of my favorite things was the gelateria where I got a scoop of yogurt and salted caramel gelato... Yum! We even happened upon the Saint Patrick's Day parade quite by accident. The next day I had made arrangements to take a gourmet tour of Seattle. We met up with the "foodie" guide at a local hotel and began a delicious culinary journey. Cheers!It was all quite delicious! I think my favorite was the pizza place called Serious Pie. It really tasted like authentic Italian pizza. A wonderful crust! The tour wrapped up just in time for me to walk back (in the pouring rain) to the convention center for the opening session of the conference.
That night unfortunately, I began to fell very sick and I was up most of the night. Yes, I was "sleepless in Seattle" but for a very undesirable reason... food poisoning. So what began with much enjoyment ended up in three and a half days feeling very sick and unable to get out of bed. After a day and a half of not being able to keep any food or water down I finally began to feel a little bit better on Tuesday. This is what my diet look like for the next couple of days...Not very exciting or very gourmet is it?

Wednesday, my last day in Seattle, I was finally feeling well enough to attend the last two sessions of the conference. After checking out of the hotel we took the monorail to the "Needle"and then walked through a sculpture garden and back along the water front. And so I wrapped up my eventful trip to the Northwest. Glad to be back home!

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