Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday: Scones & Speed
Early Saturday morning several ladies from church met for tea & scones and a little brainstorming. We finished planning the details for the upcoming Ladies Spring Tea and also sampled some of the delicious scones Nancy will make for the event. Our theme this year will be "Joy in the Journey". After we were all done there I met up with a friend who had invited me to go to the races in Fontana. I have never been to a NASCAR race before but I am always up for a new adventure. We had a good time walking around, seeing all the displays and watching the race. The event began with the color guard, national anthem, and opening invocation (I was very surprised that this event was opened with prayer!) And so, "Gentlemen (and lady)... start your engines..." One hundred and fifty laps on a two mile track. So how was it? It was LOUD! The race had several cautions and a few minor mishaps but had quite an exciting ending when Kyle Busch over took the leader right at the end to win the race.

We ended the evening with a yummy spaghetti dinner at
Vince's Spaghetti in Ontario where they proudly boast about serving over 1,5000 miles of spaghetti each year and over 21 tons of spaghetti served every month!

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