Friday, February 19, 2010

Rain, Hot Cocoa & Aksel
It's Friday night and I'm sitting here listening to the rain, sipping hot cocoa and watching the Men's Super G skiing event. If you get a chance check out Aksel Svindal's story. Another week has rushed by. Last Friday I had lunch with Dez and caught up on her adventures last year on the other side of the globe. I swear she could write a book, she is such a great storyteller. Later that night I hit the road with Grace and Sara driving down to the desert to celebrate Abby's birthday and what a celebration it was! The kids got up bright and early to go paint balling with friends. We got out there later that morning to fire up the grill and get lunch ready for the hungry crew. In between helping Timothy flip hamburgers I got in a little target shooting. We all hung out, ate and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Later in the evening after dinner Abby opened her gifts and we had homemade ice cream cake to top it all off. Yum! Tuesday we celebrated the February office birthdays at Portillos in Buena Park. The rest of the week was quite busy with lots of meetings, running many reports and Banner and more Banner. Other than that I've been keeping busy in the evenings sewing some more purse organizers for the Brea Spring Boutique in March. And so it goes... Click on the slideshow to see it bigger:

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