Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Remembering Carmen
It's a sad day for us up on the hill. My next door neighbor Barbara emailed me this morning that her dog Carmen had died last night. I don't know any details but I am sad to lose her. I am not really a "pet person" but Carmen was a funny and friendly dog. She'd always come over and visit if her mom was not home. Many times she'd come over and "knock" on the door so I would open it. I remember one night she came over and when it was time to go to bed I tried to get her to go home but she wouldn't leave. So finally I gave up and she promptly made herself at home at the foot of my bed. Hours later I woke up to hear her snoring softly. Then she woke up and was ready to go home. Later I found out that her mom wasn't home and her nephew had been "dog sitting". He had been looking and looking for her thinking she was lost. I feel fortunate to have a couple of pictures of her. Carmen had an aversion to cameras. As soon as she saw one she would run away! Yes, even though my yard was her own personal litter box I am going to miss her daily morning routine.

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g said...

miss u carmen! cant believe you are gone. the sweetest dog ever.