Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 2009
This past weekend was not only the long holiday weekend but also surgery weekend for Alyssa. With school starting to get into full swing Summer is slowly coming to an end =( but happily it still feels like summer. I will miss the nice warm days when they're gone. Thursday, Donna, Greg and the kids drove up here to go for a pre-op appointment with the doctor at USC then that evening we met up with Grace and Jon and had dinner at Lucca's... mmm... so good! Surgery was scheduled bright an early on Friday so while they took Alyssa to the hospital I took the day off work and stayed with Josh. We had a fun day together! It started with breakfast at Starbucks which he thought was the greatest thing. Then we drove to the Santa Ana Zoo.
It's small but has a pretty good monkey display which kept Josh entertained for quite a while. He also enjoyed seeing the "giant Jurassic turkeys" as he called them. After a quick visit to the souvenir store we went to the dollar theater for a movie. We munched on hot dogs and watched "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian" which Josh later said was his favorite part of the day. After the movie we made a quick stop at Wendy's for a snack and the Target garden center to pick up a few little flower plants and then headed home. Greg, Donna and Alyssa arrived soon after. Alyssa is now sporting a new cast for the next 6 weeks. Her surgery went well and she is recovering like a champ and getting use to getting around on crutches.
Saturday we just had a low key day seeing how she would handle the pain. We had lunch at Gondola's pizza (bringing back memories of their dating days for Donna & Greg!) and did a little shopping. For dinner we went out to a great little sushi place in Diamond Bar with Grace & Jon. Sunday morning as usual I was up bright and early for church and the Myers got on the road to drive back to AZ. In the afternoon I drove down to San Juan Capistrano to meet my friend Monty for lunch. We had a good time eating at Paco's Tacos, talking and enjoying the beautiful day in the park. Monday was a "catch-up-on-sleep-kind-of-a-lazy-day." I did a little gardening and then in the evening went for a long walk with Grace. I could get used to four day weekends! Click on the slide show to make it bigger:

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