Sunday, May 11, 2008

Graduation, Family Time & Mother's DayThis weekend was one that was packed with celebrations and family time. Earlier this week Timothy, Monica and the kids arrived in town. Mom, Donna, Greg and the kiddies drove into town on Friday. Everyone was here to celebrate with Jon as he graduated with his degree in Art from Concordia University. Yay, Uncle Jon!!! We are so proud of you! With noise makers in hand we loudly cheered him on as he walked across the stage. After the ceremony we all drove back to see his senior show. That evening I had all the family over for dinner. The fun times continued on Saturday. After making breakfast for all the kids (so all the parents could sleep in) we went on a walk down the road to see some horses. When we got back we took some fun and goofy pictures. We had some really good laughs together! In the afternoon we all drove down to Sunset Beach. It was really windy (and a little cold) but the kids didn't mind a bit and jumped right in. They all had a great time playing in the water and getting buried in the sand! Of course Sunday was Mother's Day. After church we all drove out to Azusa to have lunch and spend the afternoon with Sara and Patrick. The food was delicious! We had a nice time together while the kids ran around playing with water guns. It was nice to be able to be all together with Mom on this special day. It's hard not to have the "Sunday blues" after such a great weekend... do I really have to go to work tomorrow??!! I'll be posting all the pics online soon.

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