Monday, May 19, 2008

Five more fun days with the kids! Last Wednesday, Mom, Monica and the kids drove back up to LA from El Centro. Timothy stayed back to get some work done at the station. Aunt Grace and Uncle Jon took them all that afternoon miniature golfing at Camelot. The kids had a really good time and I joined them after I got off work just in time to see them finish the last hole. We all drove home and made pizzas for dinner. Thursday afternoon they were all off to the bowling alley. I missed some of the fun but joined them as soon as I got off work. Between gutter balls, lucky strikes and some spares we had a ton of laughs and a great time. I took Friday off from work so we could go spend the whole days down in La Jolla at the beach. It was a beautiful day...perfect beach weather! We scored the last fire pit too! The kids jumped right in and Margie totally enjoyed playing in the sand. After some lunch Aunt Grace and Uncle Jon announced that we all were going to go kayaking. They were so excited to do this for the first time. Even little Margie enjoyed riding in the kayak between Monica and Auntie Ruth. It was fun and we got to see some sea lions, seals and looked and looked for the tiger sharks but didn't see any. After we were back on terra firma the kids hit the beach and water again. The was beginning to set and it was really beautiful against the water and waves. Soon it was time to light the fire and warm our cold toes! Uncle Jon entertained the kids with some fun stories while we roasted hot dogs and made some s'mores. Saturday we were up bright and early again to join Aunt Sara who got us free passes to Disneyland. The kids were very excited to go. The weather was really, really warm and we tried to stay cool as much as we could. Margie enjoyed all the kiddies rides including the ladybug ride and the bumper cars. David, Abby and Christine were with Aunt Sara doing the bigger rides. It was a fun, fun day! Sunday morning we went to a Spanish speaking church were Timothy and Monica were meeting with some friends. After church we drove down to the Block to meet Jon, Grace and Adam for lunch and a movie. We had promised to take the kids to see "Prince Caspian". Little David really enjoyed the sword fights and battle scenes and even tired little Margie sat quietly and attentively through the whole movie. We all came back to the house for dinner and to celebrate Uncle Jon's birthday. Happy Birthday! Our time together had come to and end much too soon. We have had a wonderful time together making lots and lots of great memories. You can check out several photo albums with lots of pics from these last couple of days here:

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