Monday, January 21, 2008

Wonderful Weekend in Arizona
This weekend Grace, Jon and I drove down to Yuma, AZ to spend some time with Donna, Greg and the kids. We picked up Mom and Timothy on the way. It was so nice to see Alyssa and Joshua. Joshua entertained us with his reading of Dr. Seuss' Fox in Socks. Both were celebrating birthdays this month. Alyssa is 10 and Josh will be 8 this week. After lunch they couldn't wait to open their gifts. After a nice long walk along the canals and citrus orchards we geared up for our dinner get-together. Sara and Patrick also drove down to join the party. We all had a wonderful time together having fun together, playing horseshoes outside, eating all the delicious spread, great conversations and meeting new friends. It was a memorable evening. It was a lot of fun taking the group photos! You can see more pictures here: Sunday I was still trying to get over a really bad sore throat and cold. So after a quick run to Algodones for some medicine we made it to church. It was great to see Greg playing in the worship team. We headed back home after church and Donna made some delicious homemade pizza for lunch. I really enjoyed watching the F-16's and Harriers doing all their flying maneuvers as we took another walk that afternoon. It makes me proud of our wonderful men and women in uniform. It was time to say goodbye much too soon. But after a lot of hugs and kisses we were on our way back home. The kids were sad but maybe Auntie Ruth can make it down there again soon for the upcoming Yuma Airshow!

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