Monday, December 10, 2007

A busy, busy weekend!
Saturday was bright and sunny. Woke up early, finished up cleaning and doing some laundry. I had invited some of the girls from work to come over for a "baking day". After having some lunch with Jeri we got down to baking! Jeri made Molasses cookies and an Italian cheese cake dessert. I made Peppermint Crescents and Orange Date Pecan cookies. Megan made Chocolate Waffle cookies. Mmmmm.... the kitchen smelled wonderful and we had a great time together baking, talking and listening to Christmas music. Mom arrived later that evening. We were up bright and early on Sunday setting up the refreshments at church as I normally do every Sunday. The service was great and the Christmas music was beautiful too. After church we met up with Grace and Jon for lunch and then did a little shopping. The mountains all around us were sparkling white full of snow. An amazing sight and a little unusual for us Californians! So we drove around trying to find the best place to take pictures. It was quite windy and freezing! (Well, not really freezing... I'm just a wimp for cold weather!!) In the evening, Mom and I went to the Christmas program at church. Can I have another day added to my weekend to catch up on a little rest??!!

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