Friday, November 09, 2007

November 4 -7 I was in Salt Lake City for the annual PACRAO conference. Most of my time was spent attending meetings and seminars. My first session Monday morning was a bit comical. It was comprised of singing and composing funny songs (to well known tunes) about the experiences of working in the Registrar's Office. John Snodgrass, Registrar at Chapman University led the group and played his guitar. Anyone one remember the song "We will, we will ROCK you"? He rewrote it to "We will, we will DROP you!". Yes, yes.... the seminars did get better and more serious! There were many schools represented at the conference. The more I listened and observed, the more thankful I am for my office and the resources we have. Betty Ann and I did have a little free time to do some sightseeing, although there is not too much to see in Salt Lake City! Monday night we took the tram to Temple Square and walked around some of the buildings there. It mostly made me sad to see so many young people dedicating their life to Mormonism. On Tuesday afternoon we had a couple hours of "free time" so we took a nice long walk to see the Church of the Madelaine. It is a Catholic church built around 1909. The interior was very colorful and there were many beautiful stained glass windows. We flew back home on Wednesday afternoon which was pretty uneventful except that they forgot to put our luggage (and that of 25 other passengers) on the plane. Eventually it all got sorted out and they delivered it safe and sound that night. I am so glad to be back home again! See all the pictures here: click on the Salt Lake album

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