Monday, September 24, 2007

A Wonderful Family Weekend in San Diego

To make the most of the last weekend with the kids we planned a little trip to San Diego. We all met up in Carlsbad on Friday night excited about the fun time we would have. Saturday morning turned out to be an amazing and beautiful day. No rain....just beautiful blue skies everywhere. After breakfast we drove down into San Diego for the day. Seaport Village was pretty crowded as this was the weekend of the Red Bull Air Race. We walked along the way enjoying all the sights and ended up by the USS Midway. All the kids, especially David, were very excited when we told them we were going on board! It's hard to grasp the enormous magnitude of the ship until you are standing right beside it. Once on board we explored the different decks and learned a little more about the history and impact the Midway had in the war. It was very interesting too see, feel, and smell as you went through it. While we were there the air race started and it was a little surreal to hear small planes buzzing around overhead all around us. We made it up to the flight deck and there had the best view of the whole "race course". We also had a very fun time climbing into and exploring all of the different aircraft there. The weather was perfect and seeing the daredevil pilots racing was quite breathtaking. I've put up some of the pictures and hope to get a few more soon!

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