Monday, July 02, 2007

Vacation Day 5: David's 9th birthday celebration! And what a great day we had celebrating. We began with his favorite breakfast (pancakes) and a pirates theme. After opening some gifts we all got ready to head on out for some more fun. Stopped for a late lunch at Chilis and then headed on out to Stone Mountain, GA for the laser & fireworks show which has become a family tradition every summer I'm in town. We walked around for a bit then to the skyride up to the top of the mountain. The kids had a blast! Margie was so excited. It was windy and a little chilly but we had a great time running around and enjoying the view from way up on the mountain. Back down again we came and continued the celebration with a "dirt & earthworms" birthday cake for David. He loved it! Then it was time for the show. We all enjoyed it except Margie thought the fireworks were too loud. They played some great patriotic music to go along with the fireworks. What a wonderful fun day! Being an aunt is so much fun!

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