Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baking, baking and more baking!
It seems like that's what I have been doing for the past week and a half. Last Thursday I got the idea to make a dirt cake to celebrate Earth Day. It consisted of chocolate cake with chocolate icing, a lot of Oreo "dirt" on top and some creepy crawly gummy worms to top it all off. It was very fun to make and the office family enjoyed shoveling some dirt onto their plates! Sunday night after getting back from a great weekend celebration with the family I had to get right back to baking again. A friend from work asked me to make a "Switch" cake to celebrate the first time we switched on registration in our new software. Well, that was even more fun figuring out how to make a light switch out of cake and fondant! It really turned out better than I had imagined. I love doing this! Tonight I'm baking Petite Vanilla Bean Scones from a recipe I found on the Pioneer Woman's website. I have been living vicariously through her wonderful blog posts and recipes. She's living the life I always thought I would have had staying home with a bunch of kids, amazing husband and lots of cooking, baking and photography... sigh... I can dream can't I?

So the really fun part of the weekend was getting together with the whole family to celebrate Christine's 16th birthday. We had a surprise tea party on Friday afternoon for all the girls. There were 17 of us. Christine's friend Josephine made all the great food and I brought all the tea things for the table. It turned out really nice and we all had a great time together. Later the boys crashed the party and we all went to the bowling alley for a fun night together. Click here to see lots and lots of pics of the day.
I'm off to go dip the scones in icing now!

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