Sunday, October 18, 2009

Busy week...Another week has gone by in a blur. Last weekend was the big 41 celebration for Timothy and we had a grand time together. From the delicious pandebonos and bunuelos, BBQ, to the fun shopping we enjoyed the time together. Margie had a blast trying on princess dresses at the store! Then it was off for a quick trip to Yuma. I love the time I can spend enjoying great food with great friends. The work week was busy as ever since all of us managers are stepping it up and filling in for our boss. We are hoping someone will get hired soon!!! After all that good food over the weekend I gained a pound but tried to step it up a bit in the exercise department. I have been listening to "Jane Eyre" on my hourly walks and enjoying that a lot. This weekend was a catch up on doing chores and laundry day but my favorite day this week was today. We had a reading service at church today. We are starting a new series on the book of Isaiah at Grace. So our church has reading services where we read entire portions at a time. Today Erik Thoennes lead by reading Isaiah chapters 1-6. Interspersed between the reading were some wonderful songs. A few brand new ones written by our worship leader. I feel so blessed to have such inspiring elders leading us! I think Fall has probably decided to stay. There has definitely been a change in the weather. I will truly miss the sunny, warm summer days... but they will be back again next year.

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