Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today was the twentieth day in a row with lower than average temperatures. June gloom is in full bloom! I am beginning to think that this is the year that forgot summer. I miss the warm sun!! Regardless of the lack of warm weather and sunny days I am trying to make the most of it.
Last Friday the whole "gang" came up for the weekend. It is always fun to have everyone around. After a late lunch at Margie's favorite restaurant, Chick-fil-A we all headed up the hill for a nice walk and fun evening together. The highlight of the day was Margie losing her first front tooth. She is getting so big!
Saturday was a lazy day. Our original plan was to go to the beach but since the weather was not cooperating we had to change the plan. So David, Timothy and Jon went for a bike ride, Aunt Sara took Christine and Abby to a play, and the rest of the girls ran a couple of errands at the mall and browsed a couple stores in downtown Fullerton. We ended the evening with a yummy barbecue at Grace and Jon's. Sunday we all went to church and then enjoyed lunch together at Soup Plantation. Mom, Christine and Abby stayed on since they are on their way to Pennsylvania for the summer. They were up bright and early (5 AM) to get ready to go to the airport. I will be flying out there too soon. I'm really looking forward to it =)

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