Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Flying, family, friends and lots of fire! I just spent a great weekend in the desert. After spending the night in Imperial with the kiddos I got them all up at the crack of dawn to get ready to drive over to Yuma for their annual airshow. This year was special since it was their 50th anniversary. As an added bonus there was a reenactment of Pearl Harbor and also the biggest wall of fire which set a Guinness world record. After waiting in a huge line of traffic to get in we were finally there. After walking around for a little bit we saw my favorite craft of all, the Harrier. It never ceases to amaze me! Greg took us all to meet someone he had interviewed earlier on the radio. They fly some vintage WWII planes. We all got a chance to look at it and even climb up into the pilot's seat and move some of the controls while they explained a little about the history and functions of this plane. It was fun!

Then we all went over near the flight line and enjoyed the rest of the show. The Pearl Harbor reenactment was incredible! They has some of the original audio playing over the sound system as the planes circled all around and "bombed" the Arizona. At the end of that reenactment they set off the world's longest wall of fire (over a mile long!) setting a Guinness world record. Josh wanted to a trampoline bungee jump so we all headed there and the kids had a great time jumping. With the Marines right on our heels it was time to go home. David and Josh rode home with Frank and I took the girls in my truck. Back at Donna's we all pitched in and made dinner together and enjoyed the time visiting and playing a little pool =)

You can see lots of pictures by clicking here!

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