Monday, October 06, 2008

October has arrived with a flurry of activity. Little did I know that Thursday, just a few days after writing my last post, we would be welcoming baby Kate seven weeks early! We think we know how things are supposed to go but ultimately God is in control of all our lives. Abby and baby are doing well and we are all praying that everything will continue to progress well and they will all be able to go home soon. On Saturday, Grace, Jon, Adam and Asher all drove down to San Diego for the MCAS Miramar airshow. We met up there with Mom, Timothy and all the kids. What a fun filled day it was! This was the first time the kids had been to an air show. We were all wowed by the amazing civilian and military displays. This year we had front row seats right on the flight line. Everyone had their favorite part. Mine as always is the amazing Harrier. I was juggling my digital camera and my old trusty 35mm camera and of course took a bunch of pictures (click here) After the show we all drove back to LA to welcome Monica and her mom Margarita who were arriving from Colombia. We are all excited to have her here in the States for the first time. Sunday was a relax and recovery day, hanging out with the family, cooking and eating together and catching up with each other.

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