Monday, August 11, 2008

Dizzy Ink StampingThe office Olympic competition began in earnest today. Teams created names and flags for their "countries". I am a proud member of the Greenfrontcounterland team. This afternoon the long awaited Dizzy Ink Stamping event was held. The competition was tough! For the red team, former transcript stamping queen Amy with several years of intense training on record. Christa competed for the blue team with her previous expertise in stamping forms at the front counter. Last but not least a new comer, Mallory, who is relatively new to the sport. And the race was on... competitors spun round and round and then with stamps in hand they tried their best to expertly stamp the page. The crowd looked on and cheered each of their fellow team members! Judge Karen Oden announced the winner after expertly scoring the performances. And the winner is... team Greenfrontcounterland!!
Gold - Mallory
Silver - Amy
Bronze - Christa
View the exciting event here:

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