Monday, February 25, 2008

A whirlwind weekend in Yuma, AZ Friday I left work a couple hours early to give me an early start on my drive down to Yuma. I made good time and the drive was not too bad. I hit some rain showers as I drove through San Diego and even saw a rainbow! On Saturday we had planned an early start to get over to the base for the annual MCAS Yuma Air Show. Greg had to be there at "zero dark thirty" to get through security and set up the KCFY booth. Have I ever mentioned I love airshows?! I always feel like a kid in a candy store =) The day was sunny, clear and beautiful. Donna, Josh, Alyssa and I walked around for a bit. Took our astronaut pictures and built some wood toys with the kids. Pretty soon it was time for the show to get started. My friend Frank joined us and we spent a wonderful day together. He did a great job at being my official "aircraft guide". Thanks so much Frank! One of the Golden Knights jumped out of a plane and descended with the flag as the Marine Corps band was playing the national anthem. (That always makes me cry!) The rest of them did their jumps and landed right on the spot... and so the show began. As always I took a bunch of pictures. Later we walked around looking at and getting in all the aircraft that were on display. Frank and I had a lot of fun riding in a F-16 flight simulator. The last event of the day was the AV-8B HARRIER, my favorite. I never get tired of seeing that amazing machine! All in all it was a wonderful day!!
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