Saturday, May 12, 2007

A relaxing day... Today was my first experience going to a day spa. Megan, Casey, Lisette, and I took Amy (who is getting married in a few weeks) for a relaxing day at Glen Ivy Spa in Corona. It was really crowded because of Mother's day weekend but it was still fun. I'll post the "mud " pics once I get them from Megan. Yes, that's right, mud! There was an area (Club Mud) were you go and rub this red clay mud all over.

Then we went to the "grotto" where were got all lathered in sea weed. After a nice hot shower our skin was feeling oh so smooth! So then we went over to the pool and hot springs and enjoyed the sunshine. After getting all cleaned up, we headed back to Brea and met Abby & Jeri for dinner wrapping up a wonderful and enjoyable time together. More pics here:

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