Wednesday, March 21, 2007

1st Sgt Brad Kasal, wounded Nov 2004
Four years... It's hard to believe that the war started four years ago. Sometimes it seems like it has been a lot longer than that. I wonder if we ever thought that we would still be there after all this time. I have had the honor of knowing some of these brave men and women who have faithfully and courageously served and fought in this war including Sgt. Major Brad Kasal, a true hero. War comes with a great price. Many have given the ultimate sacrifice, many have visible scars and still others scars we will never see, but all of them are true heroes. I am so thankful that we have so many brave men & women willing to stand up and fight for freedom. Please remember to pray for our troops every day. Let us be grateful and never forget what they have done so we might have freedom. Never take freedom for granted.Sgt Major Brad Kasal, May 2006
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