Sunday, October 15, 2006

Miramar Airshow... what can I say... wow...amazing...incredible... It started off with a little rain but that soon cleared as we walked to the stands. Our seats were right up near the runway and right in the center. From the incredible civilian acrobatic pilots to our amazing military the whole program was wonderful!All kinds of aircraft...Harriers, the Stealth Bomber, all kinds of fighter jets and helicopters, The Golden Knights, Marines and of course the amazing Blus Angels. What an experience ... it makes me so proud of our brave, courageous military men & women. More pictures from the airshow here:

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day said...

is it true that you were down this way and you didn't come by? what's that all about?!? oh, wait, i had to work. grr.
well, at any rate, i miss you!!! you look great.