Sunday, September 10, 2006

I love Sundays! Sundays for me are always filled with a sense of closeness to God that is hard to experience any other day. Maybe it is the singing that bring that sense of communion...songs reflecting on what a wonderful God we have. Today's songs were about the resurrection...what a great reminder to know that we serve a LIVING God!

After church we had a "church picnic" at Neff park. Great time for food and fellowship with friends. I even learned how to play bocce ball! Grace and Jon (and the girls) came over after I got home and we went on a nice loooooong hike in the hills here where I live. Beautiful day for a hike...and it was a great workout too! I love being outdoors.

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David Seruyange said...

Looking at your pictures makes me remember La Habra Heights...

pleasant memories indeed.